PowerPivot installation on SharePoint 2010

 I ran into an error with the installation of PowerPivot for SharePoint 2010. The installation is quite straight forward, but there are a few catches.

My customer had already deployed excel services and reporting services, they couldn’t however get PowerPivot to work. It was the first time I actually needed to install PowerPivot for SharePoint 2010. I remembered that PowerPivot came with SQL 2008R2, so I fired up the setup and installed PowerPivot. During the setup of PowerPivot it asked me if it was a new server or an existing farm. Since SharePoint had already been deployed I choose existing farm. When the setup ended I was looking at a failed installation.

Next thing I did was heading to technet and discovered that this was a known issue! A solution for the known issue can be found here. After solving the issue the installation went smooth and finished without errors.

Next step was to provide users with a PowerPivot site.

Before you can deploy a PowerPivot site you need to deploy the PowerPivot solution to you web application!!
It seems that the setup only deploys to the Central Admin.

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