A Visual Guide for installing SQL 2012 SSRS in SharePoint (2010) mode – part 3


Step 2. Create a Reporting Services Service Application

1. Start the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell with Run As an administrator.

2. Type Install-SPRSService and press Enter


3. Type Install-SPRSServiceProxy and press Enter


4. Open SharePoint Central Administration and click Manage Service Applications.


5. Click New. So now we have to click on the new Service Application SQL Server Reporting Services Service Application.


6. Provide a name e.g SQL Reporting Service. Select an existing application pool or choose to create a new one.


7. Provide the name of the database server that will store the Reporting Database and provide a database name without the GUID. Smile

8. Associate the SQL Reporting Services Service Application with the appropriate web application( s). Click OK.


9. The Service Application has been successfully created, click OK. The SSRS Service Application is now created.image


6 thoughts on “A Visual Guide for installing SQL 2012 SSRS in SharePoint (2010) mode – part 3

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  2. I did the ssrs installation on the sp server and got the service app up…databases are there on the sql box…but there is no SQL Server Reporting Services (MSSQLSERVER) service running anywhere…when i go to the sql box to try to run the ssrs configuration manager i cannot connect to any report server…what do you do next?

    • Why are you looking for the MSSQLSERVER service? When using SQL 2012 the reporting services will be a SharePoint Service Application. You wil only see the MSSQLSERVER service when using SQL 2012 Reporting Services in Native Mode! Only in Native Mode you will be able to connect with the SQL Reporting Services Configuration Manager.

      • forgot about that! It wasnt readily apparent to me that i had indeed installed SSRS correctly…had to bring the content types into the report library manually to see that functionality…and also uploaded a non-datasource report to run…which it did…the thing that did get me (with datasourced reports) was that i had not put the C2WTS service account in the local admin group on the app server…which has to be in order for Kerberos constrained delegation to work…cuz SSRS now does use C2WTS…just kind of difficult to find all the tidbits for making SSRS work in one document.

  3. did exactly this and getting “Object reference not set to an instance of an object. ” when i try to configure system settings in ssrs service app. any idea?

  4. What if you follow all the steps, including the PS commands, and then when you click the New drop-down in SharePoint CA services, there is no “SQL Server Reporting Services Service Application” on the list?

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