UAG 2010 Publishing Multiple SharePoint Web Applications

Publishing SharePoint web applications should be an easy task when using the SharePoint Publishing Solution Guide for UAG 2010 from TechNet. It will explain all sorts of topology publishing you can do, same ports, different ports, different internal and external urls and so on. I’m not a UAG specialist, so this was my starting point in order to publish my web applications.

What I was trying to accomplish was this:

  1. Publish multiple web applications on one trunk;
  2. Use ssl;
  3. Internal and external URL must be the same;
  4. Applications on the UAG must be contacted directly.


Using the SharePoint Publishing Guide I was able to create the https trunk and publish my applications.

So far so good. J

When connecting to the intranet application, everything was fine. I could logon and browse. However, when connecting to the mysite application I got logged on to the intranet application????

That was strange, when trying the second time… logged on to the mysite application…

It appeared that when connecting for the first time to the mysite application I got redirected to the intranet application. This behavior was shown in the url I got when connecting for the first time to the mysite application.

As you can see in the last section of the url, it says: This last part is the reason for a logon on the other application.


UAG performs a couple of redirects initially, before actually launching the application. It uses the settings that were made in the webserver tab of the application. As a result, at some point, even though the request sent from the browser was sent to, since UAG redirects internally to servername:443, this redirect will be matched against the first occurrence in the application list, starting from top to bottom. And since this first occurrence is – the wrong site is accessed. This also explains why, when you change the order of apps, the behavior changes.



Make sure that the settings in the webserver tab for applications pointing to the same server are different! What can be done is for example, using the url of the web applications instead of the ip address or servername. This way UAG is being able to know the difference between the applications and redirect you to the correct application.

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