PSConfig stuck at 10.00%

Recently I had to invest a broken installation of a cumulative update for Project Server 2013, it turns out that the installation of the binaries on the server where successful. However wen running the SharePoint Configuration Wizard it got stuck. It got stuck around 10.00% of the upgrade, searching through the logs didn’t reveal much. While diving deeper into the system, it turned out that the SharePoint Configuration Wizard uses a registry key. This key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\14.0\Secure contained a few keys, but the only ones that was set was an ID.


I investigated a different farm where the SharePoint Configuration Wizard ran successfully, the registry keys on this machine were equipped with data in contrast to the problem machine. Next step was checking the permissions on the registry key, on the problem machine the WSS_WPG and WSS_ADMIN_WPG didn’t had the proper permissions.

Once the groups where added with the proper permissions, the SharePoint Configuration Wizard ran successfully!

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