SQL Server 2014 Release

SQL Server 2014 has been released to manufacture (RTM) on March 18th by Microsoft. On April 1st the download of SQL Server 2014 will be made available. Brings up the question if SharePoint will support SQL Server 2014, well the answer is yes. However, SharePoint 2013 will not be able to work with SQL Server 2014 unless you install Service Pack 1 + (the upcoming) April 2014 Cumulative Update!

When running SQL AlwaysOn in your Farm, it’s wise to install the April 2014 Cumulative Update because it comes with a couple of PowerShell commandlets for adding and removing databases form an AlwaysOn Availability Group and a commandlet for showing the status of the AlwaysOn Availability Group. The commandlets are:

  • Add-DatabaseToAvailabilityGroup (Adds databases to an Availability Group)
  • Remove-DatabaseFromAvailabilityGroup (Removes databases from an Availability Group)
  • Get-AvailabilityGroupStatus (Checks the status of an existing Availability Group)

Please note that you first test a SharePoint update in a test environment, it’s not recommended to install the updates in a production environment without proper testing!!

SQL Server Page: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/server-cloud/products/sql-server/default.aspx

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