Moving Reports and Report Subscriptions to another SQL Server

On a project where we did a lync 2013 to Skype for Business migration we came across the need to migrate reports and report subscriptions from the old lync 2013 environment to the new Skype for Business environment. In this case the reports where form Anywhere365, a Unified Contact Center software.

I’ve tried different kind of tools, but was not able in to succesfully migrate the reports and report subscriptions. Fortunatly i found a tool from Microsoft that does the trick!

First Step is to set or check if the email settings within the reporting configuration are correct. Go to the SQL server and open the Reporting Services Configuration Manager. Navigatie to e-mail settings and check or set the email settings.

SRSS Config Manager

Second we need to migratie the reports and report subscriptions with the ssrs migration tool from Microsoft. You can download the tool from codeplex:

I know codeplex is shutting down, but i haven’t found another link.

Place the tool into a folder and start PowerShell with run as administrator. Navigate to the folder where the ssrs_migration tool is and type the following:

rs.exe -i ssrs_migration.rss -e Mgmt2010 -s http://SourceServer/ReportServer -u Domain\User -p password -v ts=”http://TargetServer/reportserver” -v tu=”Domain\Userser” -v tp=”password”

I needed to add -v security=”True” to the end before it started to work.

Migrater SSRS_1Migrater SSRS_2

More information on the tool can be found here:


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