Intune – Backup, Restore and Document

I came across a few tools which can be handy to use in backup, restoring and documenting your Intune configuration.

Backup & Restore

I’ve used two tools in order to do a Backup & Restore that satisfied my needs:

  1. Backup & Restore via PowerShell
  2. Backup & Restore via an Azure application

Backup & Restore via PowerShell

While I was looking for a way to backup Intune I stumbled upon a script that allowed me to backup Intune via PowerShell. Full explanation can be found on the GitHub site of the module. I’m pretty satisficed with the script, however while building on more functionality in Intune I couldn’t backup the conditional access policies.

Backup & Restore via an Azure application

In my search to find a way to backup the conditional access policy I stumbled on another tool, this time it was an azure application. It is called the Modern Workplace Concierge, you can find more info on the Github page. as it turns out, this application can also backup and restore Intune besides the conditional access policies. It is also possible to host the Azure application yourself.

Intune Documentation

Documenting all the settings within Intune can be difficult as well as time consuming. Luckily for us someone did make our lives easer if you need to document all settings regarding Intune. You can find more info on the Github page. The documenting will be done via PowerShell.

One remark: The PowerShell commands make use of MSGraph, so you need the appropriate permissions in order to execute the commands.

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