A visual guide for installing SQL 2012 SSRS in SharePoint (2010) mode – part 1

With the arrival of SQL Server 2012 some things have change in how to install for instance SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). As some of you might know, SSRS will become a Service Application in SharePoint 2010 when installing the SQL Server 2012 bits. The creation and configuration will be easier. There will be one interface for configuration, the SharePoint Central Administration site.

My starting architecture will be a SharePoint 2010 server and a SQL server 2012. In order to use SQL Server 2012, Service Pack 1 is required for SharePoint 2010.

As shown in the picture I will put the SQL Server Reporting Services Report Server  (SSRS) on the SharePoint server.

Two-computer deployment

I will not cover the installation of SharePoint 2010 or SQL Server 2012.

Steps for adding SSRS:

Step 1. Installing SSRS on the SharePoint 2010 server

Step 2. Creating the SSRS Service Application


Additional steps will be added along the way.

Note: The installation is based upon the RC0 of SQL Server 2012.


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